Saturday, October 10

Redstone Rockets

Rolling into the night
Parked along the road, I wait
While my fellow roams, unaccompanied
Around sewage lines, drains

So comes the lone rider,
All puzzlement resolved,
So ride along six riders,
As the sun rises in the dawn

And like the sun burns the rooted grass,
The hash I've rolled, burns
As smoke engulfs me inside the lid,
I cut through the road, it turns.

As I climb amid the clouds now,
Reach heights, trying to tame my ride,
The beast, the engine, it roars inside,
Torque it spits, sounding ripped.

Yet the comfort of the fellow rider,
The bulls on parade besides me,
Gives me the push, the strength, a thrust,
To keep on going, it's never too far.

And now as I roll, both ride and hash,
The last one ti me, the final rest,
Bid adieu to the partners in crime,
A crime we do, our level best,
Confused I am, to be happy or sad,
Of a ride that ends, that shouldn't have had.

Friday, September 4

Funds for the scantily clothed

On a bright Delhi morning,
As I walked out on the street,
I spotted these pretty damsels,
Each one of them a queen.

Their hair were straight,
Their legs, silky-smooth,
Eyes, light brown and blue,
Man, what a view.

They wore everything chic,
From the bosom to the hip,
Yet everyone’s eyes around them,
Were astray from the standard scheme.

So like a sage with grace
I decided to strike a cord,
Opening a trust to raise
Funds for these scantily clothed.

Monday, August 31

I too shall triumph

As the first light shows,
I, guilty of indulgence,
Move to plead mercy,
Be forgiven for all respite,
For once, show me some light.

For efforts, petty, I seek thy
Divine intervention to embrace me,
In time of joy, when I forgot you,
Save me from this dark, I’m contained in.

For I’ve believed in your muscle,
At all times I’ve breathed,
Show me some leniency,
Make me believe,
I’ll get more than my need.

Sunday, August 30

The night before the first light

Stand with me, hold
My hand, as I stand here, deserted
For I’m alone, the fate
Of my tomorrow, on a coin, rests
While my heart, it beats
Out of control, no sync
With the clock, on the wall

Stand with me, behold
The sky turns white, from the dark
Blackness inside of me, it speaks
A million words of, turbulence
Unsure of what it’ll see.

Stand with me, alert
Of all that’s around me, alive
Like the sky that brings, the light
That shall guide me through, the dark
As the night before the first light, shall pass.


He lit a cigarette again,
That’s burnt his soul before,
Yet he won’t stop, he won’t seek a cure
For what he burns, he wanted to save,
But then he cannot take it to his grave

So burns on the cigarette,
And burns the spirit,
The body bearing the brunt of the mind,
For a strong will would call it a mistake,
An error he should have long undone.

So burns on the cigarette,
To please his soul,
Burning ignorantly, expecting a cure
For science has advanced, and he’s playing his stakes,
For someday he might have it all undone

So burns on the cigarette,
His fellows burn too,
So what if we are buried, at least we’d be in unison,
For alone if I die, I’d stay a wandering soul,
Breathing my last breath, choking to smoke

So burns on the cigarette,
Under every excuse,
Though each one knows well, there will be no cure,
When so much burns why should I be saved?
If I have to burn, why wait for the grave?

Saturday, August 29

A lost dialogue

A short communiqué,
To start a quarrel,
Hard strikes to the face,
Blood, filling barrels

The wounded chap,
No thought, no reason,
He won’t quit,
Just fight, persist

The ugly outcome,
Bruised faces, broken ribs,
Yet no penance, a virtue, too dated,
For if an oblivious, questions why,
Conflicts, you know, happen for no reason.

Tuesday, August 25

Love, just one last time...

I’ve walked this road before,
Yet I’m eccentric to this way,
I’ve held a hand earlier too,
But this touch of yours, I can die for it any day

I’ve said these words, these bookish ones,
But this time I want to feel each breath,
I’ve promised those long stories, earlier too,
But this time, its not one, I want to obliterate.

You might not like it,
You may not believe,
Yet what I say is the truth,
Each word of it, trust me
Cuz when I say, I want you forever,
I mean for once, don’t leave me ever.

A puddle of still water...

I’m awed by the power, the ocean holds,
So powerful, yet ghastly, so fantabulous, yet cold
It’s not a revelation, how much it can intimidate,
No man-made structure, to stop the destruction it holds.

Yet when I see, this little puddle of water,
After the rain, in the corner of the avenue,
Sitting idle, separated from its mother,
No direction, no escape, no company, no brother.

We all are destined, and so is this puddle,
The water it holds, shall dry with the weather,
No eye shall cry, no one shall mourn,
It’ll die leaving no trace, a puddle of still water.

Saturday, August 22

Ride On...

It’s a story I thought, I forgot
Till from the omnipotent, a reminder, I got
"You don’t have to question me ever, my dear,
You never should let reside in you, this fear."

It’s an account of the time, I last hit the road
Quite literally; my arm, my knee I broke,
Yet the adrenaline, my doctors confirm, that I have in excess,
Had kept me rolling, till, blood, I had lost enough

Not quite my pain, not even the mud on me, smeared,
It was the scratch, the dent, the blow my ride, for me, had to bear,
That kept my brain busy, thinking hard, for a long while,
Till darkness came, for a moment I lost my sight,

I grasped it’s not a joke, not the stunt on the TV,
The denim I wore was red, the blood loss had made me giddy,
The spot where I fell, had puddles of red,
Yet all I attended, a short rendezvous with death,

It’s a spirit they say, that priceless virtue,
Of a biker at heart, that pulled me through,
And so I persisted, my conviction unyielding,
And on and on, kept rolling, my ride, unfretted, unruffled.

Tuesday, August 18

Lonely, idle, no work to do

I sit up straight, eyes facing the screen,
No one around me, not even a mosquito.
Stacks of vouchers, piled around me,
Have I got work? I really don’t know.

The internet won’t work; it’s barred by the domain,
The client won’t work; his excuse, so lame.
So I make myself busy, playing computer games,
Excel sheet macros, no famous names.

Everything’s blocked here, these office domains,
You can’t install messengers, nor play those amazing games,
Boring systems these, their company isn’t as good as it seems
They’ll make you cry, bore you to death, as you stare at your computer screens

Started off with shooting,
And realized laptop mouse aren’t great,
Moved over to monopoly,
Struggling to survive, bankrupt I became,
Drove a car next,
And I soon started yawning,
So I decided to open word,
To scrawl down my misery

Office laptops aren’t great gaming stations, I reaffirmed to myself today,
So began my poetry saga, my client wondering what’s keeping me at my bay
Little did I know, what was to happen next,
As my senior came in, staring at the text,
So as I finish this little scribble,
And return back to my work papers,
Someone behind me wants to strangle me to death,
It’s none other than my senior, standing tall behind my back.

Saturday, August 15


I want to walk fast
And talk with urgency
Drive with no fear
I don’t care if people stare

Life is just once
And it sure is too short
I want to try all moves
Before they ask me to abort

I don’t want to sleep a lot
Nor eat till I starve
It’s not a great idea
If it can’t build me a niche, a slot

Don’t call me one of the crowds
I don’t follow anyone’s command
I might take your suggestion
But still I do only what I want

Life might be a lesson
But I’ve learnt alot from yours
I don’t make the same mistakes
I don’t fall right on my face

I can carry my entire burden
I can forge myself all keys
I don’t need no one’s support
If it’s easy, it’s not for me

I don’t panic on treason
I don’t follow a plan or reason
I can beat your calculation
I can betray every prediction

It’s not super human ability
It’s an act, each move so flawless
It’s the hard work and persistence
That makes me feel so breathless

Monday, August 10

A mockery of the present...

I’m a small constituent,
Of this colossal land,
Yet when I see people walking,
Barefoot on white sand

It’s not their presence that unnerves,
But the absence of the human element,
It’s not the colour that discerns one another, I say,
But the thought that makes the dent

I chose not whether I be white,
Or blonde, or dark, or coloured; like they say,
It’s where I belong to, that shows on me
It’s something I want to be proud of, not guilty!

You come to my soil, and fancy the beauty,
Yet you question my being on your terrain,
I want to befriend you, like my own brother,
Yet, from being normal to me, you refrain!

I chose not my mother, nor my motherland,
Nor my parent’s colour, wealth or status,
Yet I’m proud of my country, my fellow men,
And of all I am, with a renewed impetus.

Friday, August 7

Bond or Bondage?

I weep and cry, tears
by my bedside,
I’m still alone,
Even in your presence

You meant the world to me,
But that was then,
Today I am not sure,
If this will carry on will

It’s a shackle I’m tied to,
And you won’t let me free,
Where do I stand?
Isn’t it a crossroad for me?

It’s been so long,
That I’ve compromised,
So many times
I’ve heard you abuse me,
But not anymore, I cannot face thee.

Deep inside,
I want to move on,
But on the surface,
I fear being alone,
Is it too late now,
Why can't I go on?

Tuesday, July 28

Walkin on uncharted roads...

It’s a lonely, long,
Uphill task, only for the brave,
But who is someone else to decide,
Or opine on which route to take.

Experience, a lame excuse,
Has hampered many success stories hitherto
Knowledge, the timeless weapon all would want,
Has held back the bold from walking strong
Are these really the key to success, I ask thee?
If so many others could make it, why not me?

An illiterate mind, undeterred by the winds of the world
Holds the key to intuitive decision-making,
No business models, no flowcharts on paper,
No pivots or excel sheets or conferences
Not even laptops or designer cabins

He has the spark in him to wash away competition
He has the drive in him to endure with conviction
He has the strength to walk alone, he is
The only one to walk on uncharted roads...

Sunday, July 26

The billion dollar ride...

Jump into the ride, take off the cover,
Step up the gas, Burnout some rubber,
Pull down the window, open the sunroof,
Let the air run in, from the overhead scoop.

Don’t you whine cuz I drive it in style,
Lots of hot babes, as I cover each mile,
Jet black tints, to hide what’s in,
Crates of beer, washing all my sin

Raging beats, thumping my chair,
Babes at the back but I just don’t care,
Cops or not, the throttle’s always floored,
When I freakin’ ride, you just can’t get bored

Underbody skirts, hotter than your face,
Open the cans, and drink without a trace,
Flashing lights, I don’t care no shit,
In my scheme of things, they just don’t fit

I play my music loud
And my dash is all wood,
Don’t step into the car
If you don’t know what’s in the hood.

Saturday, July 18

And I wrote...

It’s crazy how times you are in,
Can so easily influence your expression,
How love, or hatred, or misery,
Make you articulate,
So candid, a confession

It’s unbelievably true how,
The sad ones, the writings,
Pitch easier than their happy counterparts
How a woman can make you a splendid poet,
Write verses of feelings, unstopped.

It’s foolish to reason,
How words aren’t enough,
To the voice the child,
That delves in my mind.
Yet all that’s written is a revelation,
Even to the writer of the line.

It’s a different league they say,
Of writers or poets,
Or lyricists, all the same,
They speak their mind,
Fearless, persuasive,
Yet criticised alike,
For being ahead of their times

And so I write too, unafraid,
Not withered, nor scared,
Of the critic, or the rival
Yet each moment, I go through
In life, gives me a reason,
To stand by my expression

Sunday, July 5

I need you back...!!!

Just another weekend,
Cool wind in my hair,
Rollin' down the highways,
At the speed of a snail.

To the beat of nickelback,
N a lil' bit of snare,
Eyes on the road ahead,
A heart alone, No1 to care.

A beast on the cruiser,
Wider than the rubber he burns,
A hot babe on a honda,
She's riding bent at the turns.

D sun ain't out still,
Its that time of the dawn,
I really wanna keep rolling,
Please don stop me, mom..!!

No fear of falling,
Or the cop at the barricade,
No beer to accompany me,
no smoke that's lit.

Careless, a freak,
A ruthless rider,
I brave each fall,
Bruises don't matter.

I dont just roll,
I can roll on forever,
Just gimme back my ride,
Den call me whatever...

Monday, March 30

Just a start...

Her love makes my world go round,
Her beauty is a breath-taking sight,
Her eyes glisten in the morning light,
Her smile makes my day go bright.

Her message is the first sound each day,
Her thought makes me dance and sway,
Her call makes me beam in pleasure,
As I recollect each moment I treasure

Its bliss, whenever I see her blush,
When I look into her eyes so deep,
It amazes me how in just a few days,
Her presence makes me feel so complete.

No magic wand, no third world wonder,
Nothing like it made us fall for one another,
Just a true heart filled with love,
A small confession and a beautiful weather.

Monday, March 16

Looking beyond what meets the eye...

I tried to see around myself,
For a source of delight, a happy face,
Though all I saw was worn-out people,
No spark in the eye, No life in their pace.

Crowded streets, just crows in the sky,
No clouds too, it was all so dry,
Massive structures, rising beyond vision,
Nothing animate, as if on standby.

I vetoed the idea that joy is existent
Until near me a child strolled by,
Treasuring what he held in his heart,
Looking beyond what meets the eye.

Saturday, March 14

The Curious Mystery...

Its time since I've been solving mysteries,
All big, or small, all short or long
Yet every time I thought I'd won,
I wondered about one, left undone...

Its peculiarly complicated,
Not easy to express,
Its about this lady,
I failed to impress.

So here i decided, to change my apporach
And went ahead with a novel plan,
I decided to forget her completely,
On her thoughts, I put ban.

Yet its not all this, that intrigues me much,
Not even what runs through her mind,
Its the reason why i can't get over her,
A mystery who's answer I just can't find.

Monday, March 9

Numb.. !!

I told some1 about ya,
But my heart continued to speak,
Readin between the lines i spoke,
she asked how could i be so sweet...

I told her its a fairy tale,
I dream of everyday when i'm asleep,
I told her i wish just for once,
You're there, only for me...

I fear losing you every minute,
N hide my feelings in distress,
yet everytime i'm lost in your thoughts,
I smile, my mind's at rest...

I still believe, its not over,
I still think the best is yet to come,
Cuz everytime I think of you,
Everythin other than my heart goes numb...

The onset of ignorance...

Taking a step onward,
Trying to move forward,
I struggle to forget,
The fear in me, untold, unsaid.

Soon memories take a beating
Them, I forcefully try to forget
So are people lost in thin air
Overlooked as if they’re dead

Cold and emotionless
The heart beats for existence
Elusive to pleasure
No reason for persistence

Once so resolute,
Rigid and determined,
Today I stand weak,
Defeated and overwhelmed.

To take that step ahead,
In my effort to forget,
To fulfill their mute compliance
I start my ignorance…

Saturday, March 7

Time of your life…

Sitting idle, in monotony,
Wondering what to fall back upon,
I searched for the merriest moment,
A moment I could wish had never gone

Was it the pat on my back?
When I scored so well in school,
Or the first time that I was in love
A feeling that was way too cool

Was it riding past 120 km/h,
When I whacked the throttle of ma bike,
Or even faster in dad’s car,
Flooring the accelerator, on the highway at night

Was it holding my brother in my arms
When he was just two days old,
Or seeing him grow taller and taller
Or watch him shiver, in nights so cold

Is it just my friend’s consoling voice?
Or just his company, which raises my spirits,
Or numb my senses to remove all despair,
When we raise spirit levels, quite literally

Did the times of realization set me in motion?
Or did they just direct my efforts, I don’t know
Did her presence really complete me?
Or left me broken into trenches obscure

If I could find even a single thought,
That dream untold, into which I could dive,
It would take me long to realize,
When I had the time of my life...

Thursday, February 26

Love tours...

As I watch you stare,
A peculiar thought crosses my mind,
Is this the girl I’ll spend the rest of my life with,
Is she the Damsel who’ll be mine?

Those thoughtfully carved phrases,
Which I hear her speak,
Create an ambience divine,
One that I thirstily seek.

The world outside doesn’t matter anymore,
There’s a world inside me for her to explore,
A world full of horses of love and waterfalls of joy,
So many talks while she sits in my laps, coy.

Nice and slow, step by step,
We develop over the past times we’ve spent,
And each moment we love to remember,
How our lives took this passionate bent.

A kiss of being secure, a hug that loves
I can feel her around me, ride my bike,
I’m thankful to this life I got,
Coz I know, this ride-we shall always like.

If only I

If only I could live another life,
And drive us together towards eternal bliss,
I promise to you of our story worth legends,
Of love more beautiful than perfect love it is.

Friday, February 6

In the Inter-state Bus

“Climb on” screamed the guy,
And on I hopped as the bus rolled,
Standing on a single leg,
Hanging half outside the door

“Get in” screamed the bearded man,
He pointed towards a vacant place,
Yet all that was vacant to sight
Was a 6 inch gap between two grim faces

“20 rupees” asked the short conductor,
That’s when I saw an amiable smile,
“You’re a special rider,” spoke he,
Vacated seats, asking the others to rise

My corporate look, seamed out of place
In a bus of villagers of all ages,
My bag rubbed as people passed,
My tie pulled by a child’s grasp

My journey thus continued in dismal spirits,
With halts for passengers every five minutes,
Till finally arrived the place where I belong,
And I landed in accolades of cars honking their song.

Wednesday, February 4

Before its all over

I’m broken inside,
Into pieces of nothing,
Losing my soul,
With nowhere to go

While angels still fly,
And demons crawl under,
I wish you came to me,
I wish you were here…

Save me from this evil,
This soreness, this pain,
I need you to accompany me,
On the tracks of subsistence

My days have run out,
My time has drawn closer,
Just be with me once,
Before its all over.

Tuesday, February 3

The evil charmer...

Never does she stop her blabber,
In sweet instances, makes you ponder,
Sometimes she’ll show
Her wildest side,
In two seconds flat, start a fight
Tame you like an evil fiend,
And call you sweetly, her best friend.

Sunday, February 1

A Friend or more...

Walks in gardens,
Rides down highways,
Front seats to movies,
Frappe at the café

A pillow fight,
Chatting all night,
Back bitch the world,
In our own delight

Smiles on our faces,
Memories of old embraces,
Love for one another
Fights with no basis

In my little world,
You’re placed at the core,
Confused what to call you,
A friend or more??

Wednesday, January 28

Born to Win

I’m not just another guy,
Another little slice of the pie,
It would be wrong to say,
Luck favours me every time,

Sometimes I see,
People who toil and slog,
Question my leisure,
Call me a fraud,

Its all so wrong,
Whatever you do,
Your true critics,
Rare and few.

There’s no alibi,
To all my sin,
Nothing can stop me now,
I’m born to win.

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