Tuesday, July 28

Walkin on uncharted roads...

It’s a lonely, long,
Uphill task, only for the brave,
But who is someone else to decide,
Or opine on which route to take.

Experience, a lame excuse,
Has hampered many success stories hitherto
Knowledge, the timeless weapon all would want,
Has held back the bold from walking strong
Are these really the key to success, I ask thee?
If so many others could make it, why not me?

An illiterate mind, undeterred by the winds of the world
Holds the key to intuitive decision-making,
No business models, no flowcharts on paper,
No pivots or excel sheets or conferences
Not even laptops or designer cabins

He has the spark in him to wash away competition
He has the drive in him to endure with conviction
He has the strength to walk alone, he is
The only one to walk on uncharted roads...

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