Sunday, November 6

An Hourglass

Drain'd of all energy,
Void of all colour I'd see,
Small grains of time,
Fall from my share of the sky.

A knot that holds the key,
To relieve my of all my felony,
Its the pass across the myth of a dime,
To life and its rules, goodbye.

The base hardens with riches I believed,
The lie mirrored in every deed,
The grain falls hard to understand the sublime,
Falls hard on its face to cry.

Tuesday, August 2

Lets breathe into a new life

Portray thy love
With my humble self
For love you, me
Unlike anybody else

My heart strums thy music
Thy heart heareth not
Boxed beyond retrieval
My thoughts, they seem medieval

So falleth apart like rocks
Our love, it falleth down hill
Roll down a slope of death
Into a trap of misery, still.

So while I sulk and moan away
I choose life's better plan,
Like destiny taught the older ones,
I choose to be a man.

Saturday, July 31

Teach me not to fear

A million thoughts cross my mind,
Some, of which I ain't even aware,
Yet the one I dread the most,
Faces me, into my eyes, stares.

While the wind seems to have no effect,
On the tears that fall, under the moonlit shimmer,
The thought becomes surreal as I dream,
The wind echoes to me that you're not here.

So i try hard, to unlearn this thought,
That very same I've always feared,
And i force myself some sleep, trying hard,
Yet it shows in my eyes, like a vision so real.

And as I lay on my bed,
I wish if only you could, right now, appear,
And bring out from inside of you the love you have for me,
Reassure me with a kiss, teach me not to fear...

Tuesday, February 9

Losing a Forte

It’s been a while
Since I wrote some verses
For this work and this life
Are pandemonium curses

When I sit by the window
To pen down my thoughts
There’s nothing to write
My thoughts have paused

So I stare out in solitude
At the sky; there’s no sun
Overcast in my boredom,
Like it can never be undone

I turn around and gaze back
At the blank paper, a writer’s crime
The nip of the pen gone dry
My forte lost with time

Saturday, October 10

Redstone Rockets

Rolling into the night
Parked along the road, I wait
While my fellow roams, unaccompanied
Around sewage lines, drains

So comes the lone rider,
All puzzlement resolved,
So ride along six riders,
As the sun rises in the dawn

And like the sun burns the rooted grass,
The hash I've rolled, burns
As smoke engulfs me inside the lid,
I cut through the road, it turns.

As I climb amid the clouds now,
Reach heights, trying to tame my ride,
The beast, the engine, it roars inside,
Torque it spits, sounding ripped.

Yet the comfort of the fellow rider,
The bulls on parade besides me,
Gives me the push, the strength, a thrust,
To keep on going, it's never too far.

And now as I roll, both ride and hash,
The last one ti me, the final rest,
Bid adieu to the partners in crime,
A crime we do, our level best,
Confused I am, to be happy or sad,
Of a ride that ends, that shouldn't have had.

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