Monday, March 9

The onset of ignorance...

Taking a step onward,
Trying to move forward,
I struggle to forget,
The fear in me, untold, unsaid.

Soon memories take a beating
Them, I forcefully try to forget
So are people lost in thin air
Overlooked as if they’re dead

Cold and emotionless
The heart beats for existence
Elusive to pleasure
No reason for persistence

Once so resolute,
Rigid and determined,
Today I stand weak,
Defeated and overwhelmed.

To take that step ahead,
In my effort to forget,
To fulfill their mute compliance
I start my ignorance…


ankita said...

ladka itna samajhdar. bcmng fan or ur poems

sunny said...

brother stop beeing an ostrich be a Lion and see the whole world go round you for u and at your roar.........!!

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