Monday, August 31

I too shall triumph

As the first light shows,
I, guilty of indulgence,
Move to plead mercy,
Be forgiven for all respite,
For once, show me some light.

For efforts, petty, I seek thy
Divine intervention to embrace me,
In time of joy, when I forgot you,
Save me from this dark, I’m contained in.

For I’ve believed in your muscle,
At all times I’ve breathed,
Show me some leniency,
Make me believe,
I’ll get more than my need.


Ritayan said...

you will get more than you need brother...for you are in darkness but darkness aint in you...

Stupidity Rox said...

good one but try to write a long one !!!!!!!!!

N J said...

hey that was good stuff... reminded me of the days that is spent in delhi... thanx mate.

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