Monday, March 30

Just a start...

Her love makes my world go round,
Her beauty is a breath-taking sight,
Her eyes glisten in the morning light,
Her smile makes my day go bright.

Her message is the first sound each day,
Her thought makes me dance and sway,
Her call makes me beam in pleasure,
As I recollect each moment I treasure

Its bliss, whenever I see her blush,
When I look into her eyes so deep,
It amazes me how in just a few days,
Her presence makes me feel so complete.

No magic wand, no third world wonder,
Nothing like it made us fall for one another,
Just a true heart filled with love,
A small confession and a beautiful weather.

Monday, March 16

Looking beyond what meets the eye...

I tried to see around myself,
For a source of delight, a happy face,
Though all I saw was worn-out people,
No spark in the eye, No life in their pace.

Crowded streets, just crows in the sky,
No clouds too, it was all so dry,
Massive structures, rising beyond vision,
Nothing animate, as if on standby.

I vetoed the idea that joy is existent
Until near me a child strolled by,
Treasuring what he held in his heart,
Looking beyond what meets the eye.

Saturday, March 14

The Curious Mystery...

Its time since I've been solving mysteries,
All big, or small, all short or long
Yet every time I thought I'd won,
I wondered about one, left undone...

Its peculiarly complicated,
Not easy to express,
Its about this lady,
I failed to impress.

So here i decided, to change my apporach
And went ahead with a novel plan,
I decided to forget her completely,
On her thoughts, I put ban.

Yet its not all this, that intrigues me much,
Not even what runs through her mind,
Its the reason why i can't get over her,
A mystery who's answer I just can't find.

Monday, March 9

Numb.. !!

I told some1 about ya,
But my heart continued to speak,
Readin between the lines i spoke,
she asked how could i be so sweet...

I told her its a fairy tale,
I dream of everyday when i'm asleep,
I told her i wish just for once,
You're there, only for me...

I fear losing you every minute,
N hide my feelings in distress,
yet everytime i'm lost in your thoughts,
I smile, my mind's at rest...

I still believe, its not over,
I still think the best is yet to come,
Cuz everytime I think of you,
Everythin other than my heart goes numb...

The onset of ignorance...

Taking a step onward,
Trying to move forward,
I struggle to forget,
The fear in me, untold, unsaid.

Soon memories take a beating
Them, I forcefully try to forget
So are people lost in thin air
Overlooked as if they’re dead

Cold and emotionless
The heart beats for existence
Elusive to pleasure
No reason for persistence

Once so resolute,
Rigid and determined,
Today I stand weak,
Defeated and overwhelmed.

To take that step ahead,
In my effort to forget,
To fulfill their mute compliance
I start my ignorance…

Saturday, March 7

Time of your life…

Sitting idle, in monotony,
Wondering what to fall back upon,
I searched for the merriest moment,
A moment I could wish had never gone

Was it the pat on my back?
When I scored so well in school,
Or the first time that I was in love
A feeling that was way too cool

Was it riding past 120 km/h,
When I whacked the throttle of ma bike,
Or even faster in dad’s car,
Flooring the accelerator, on the highway at night

Was it holding my brother in my arms
When he was just two days old,
Or seeing him grow taller and taller
Or watch him shiver, in nights so cold

Is it just my friend’s consoling voice?
Or just his company, which raises my spirits,
Or numb my senses to remove all despair,
When we raise spirit levels, quite literally

Did the times of realization set me in motion?
Or did they just direct my efforts, I don’t know
Did her presence really complete me?
Or left me broken into trenches obscure

If I could find even a single thought,
That dream untold, into which I could dive,
It would take me long to realize,
When I had the time of my life...

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