Monday, March 9

Numb.. !!

I told some1 about ya,
But my heart continued to speak,
Readin between the lines i spoke,
she asked how could i be so sweet...

I told her its a fairy tale,
I dream of everyday when i'm asleep,
I told her i wish just for once,
You're there, only for me...

I fear losing you every minute,
N hide my feelings in distress,
yet everytime i'm lost in your thoughts,
I smile, my mind's at rest...

I still believe, its not over,
I still think the best is yet to come,
Cuz everytime I think of you,
Everythin other than my heart goes numb...


Manvi said...

u rite really well....n dis one's!!

dipti..! said...

i realllllllllllyyyy liked itt...!!!

Rupali said...

really 1 f d best 1s..

ankita said...

its nvr all over sir. best 1. rlly lke it.

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