Saturday, March 7

Time of your life…

Sitting idle, in monotony,
Wondering what to fall back upon,
I searched for the merriest moment,
A moment I could wish had never gone

Was it the pat on my back?
When I scored so well in school,
Or the first time that I was in love
A feeling that was way too cool

Was it riding past 120 km/h,
When I whacked the throttle of ma bike,
Or even faster in dad’s car,
Flooring the accelerator, on the highway at night

Was it holding my brother in my arms
When he was just two days old,
Or seeing him grow taller and taller
Or watch him shiver, in nights so cold

Is it just my friend’s consoling voice?
Or just his company, which raises my spirits,
Or numb my senses to remove all despair,
When we raise spirit levels, quite literally

Did the times of realization set me in motion?
Or did they just direct my efforts, I don’t know
Did her presence really complete me?
Or left me broken into trenches obscure

If I could find even a single thought,
That dream untold, into which I could dive,
It would take me long to realize,
When I had the time of my life...


dipti..! said...

amazinngg..!! :)

sunny said...

knowing you too well, the poem holds more meaning and understanding for me...nice to see you reflect the moments which define life....wishin u that u write an endless poem with such moments which keep coming ur way ...forever!

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