Tuesday, August 18

Lonely, idle, no work to do

I sit up straight, eyes facing the screen,
No one around me, not even a mosquito.
Stacks of vouchers, piled around me,
Have I got work? I really don’t know.

The internet won’t work; it’s barred by the domain,
The client won’t work; his excuse, so lame.
So I make myself busy, playing computer games,
Excel sheet macros, no famous names.

Everything’s blocked here, these office domains,
You can’t install messengers, nor play those amazing games,
Boring systems these, their company isn’t as good as it seems
They’ll make you cry, bore you to death, as you stare at your computer screens

Started off with shooting,
And realized laptop mouse aren’t great,
Moved over to monopoly,
Struggling to survive, bankrupt I became,
Drove a car next,
And I soon started yawning,
So I decided to open word,
To scrawl down my misery

Office laptops aren’t great gaming stations, I reaffirmed to myself today,
So began my poetry saga, my client wondering what’s keeping me at my bay
Little did I know, what was to happen next,
As my senior came in, staring at the text,
So as I finish this little scribble,
And return back to my work papers,
Someone behind me wants to strangle me to death,
It’s none other than my senior, standing tall behind my back.


SWhiseant said...

I like the peotry, intellectual with a slice of humor. Keep it up! SWhiseant - wrdwld.blogspot.com

SWhiseant said...

Sorry, meant POETRY...

jenskie said...

hi! you had a great poems. looking forward for more posts. (",)


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