Thursday, February 26

Love tours...

As I watch you stare,
A peculiar thought crosses my mind,
Is this the girl I’ll spend the rest of my life with,
Is she the Damsel who’ll be mine?

Those thoughtfully carved phrases,
Which I hear her speak,
Create an ambience divine,
One that I thirstily seek.

The world outside doesn’t matter anymore,
There’s a world inside me for her to explore,
A world full of horses of love and waterfalls of joy,
So many talks while she sits in my laps, coy.

Nice and slow, step by step,
We develop over the past times we’ve spent,
And each moment we love to remember,
How our lives took this passionate bent.

A kiss of being secure, a hug that loves
I can feel her around me, ride my bike,
I’m thankful to this life I got,
Coz I know, this ride-we shall always like.


lekha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lekha said...

this is really nice adi!!!!! i love this one....

ankita said...

4 whm????? sir

dimpi said...

tis is d best one,its mind blowing.
gr8 collection dude....
gud job..
kip it up..

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