Sunday, July 5

I need you back...!!!

Just another weekend,
Cool wind in my hair,
Rollin' down the highways,
At the speed of a snail.

To the beat of nickelback,
N a lil' bit of snare,
Eyes on the road ahead,
A heart alone, No1 to care.

A beast on the cruiser,
Wider than the rubber he burns,
A hot babe on a honda,
She's riding bent at the turns.

D sun ain't out still,
Its that time of the dawn,
I really wanna keep rolling,
Please don stop me, mom..!!

No fear of falling,
Or the cop at the barricade,
No beer to accompany me,
no smoke that's lit.

Careless, a freak,
A ruthless rider,
I brave each fall,
Bruises don't matter.

I dont just roll,
I can roll on forever,
Just gimme back my ride,
Den call me whatever...


vidhya said...

interesting adit..!!
great going :):)

Ritayan said...

sometimes speed is exhilarating and intimidating but somehw weirdly speed is nostalgia and a mix of emotions...wat u hv done here is captured the essence of hw erratic mind can get with 'speed'

ankita said...

mixture of many feelngs. g8 1 nice

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