Friday, February 6

In the Inter-state Bus

“Climb on” screamed the guy,
And on I hopped as the bus rolled,
Standing on a single leg,
Hanging half outside the door

“Get in” screamed the bearded man,
He pointed towards a vacant place,
Yet all that was vacant to sight
Was a 6 inch gap between two grim faces

“20 rupees” asked the short conductor,
That’s when I saw an amiable smile,
“You’re a special rider,” spoke he,
Vacated seats, asking the others to rise

My corporate look, seamed out of place
In a bus of villagers of all ages,
My bag rubbed as people passed,
My tie pulled by a child’s grasp

My journey thus continued in dismal spirits,
With halts for passengers every five minutes,
Till finally arrived the place where I belong,
And I landed in accolades of cars honking their song.

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