Thursday, February 26

Love tours...

As I watch you stare,
A peculiar thought crosses my mind,
Is this the girl I’ll spend the rest of my life with,
Is she the Damsel who’ll be mine?

Those thoughtfully carved phrases,
Which I hear her speak,
Create an ambience divine,
One that I thirstily seek.

The world outside doesn’t matter anymore,
There’s a world inside me for her to explore,
A world full of horses of love and waterfalls of joy,
So many talks while she sits in my laps, coy.

Nice and slow, step by step,
We develop over the past times we’ve spent,
And each moment we love to remember,
How our lives took this passionate bent.

A kiss of being secure, a hug that loves
I can feel her around me, ride my bike,
I’m thankful to this life I got,
Coz I know, this ride-we shall always like.

If only I

If only I could live another life,
And drive us together towards eternal bliss,
I promise to you of our story worth legends,
Of love more beautiful than perfect love it is.

Friday, February 6

In the Inter-state Bus

“Climb on” screamed the guy,
And on I hopped as the bus rolled,
Standing on a single leg,
Hanging half outside the door

“Get in” screamed the bearded man,
He pointed towards a vacant place,
Yet all that was vacant to sight
Was a 6 inch gap between two grim faces

“20 rupees” asked the short conductor,
That’s when I saw an amiable smile,
“You’re a special rider,” spoke he,
Vacated seats, asking the others to rise

My corporate look, seamed out of place
In a bus of villagers of all ages,
My bag rubbed as people passed,
My tie pulled by a child’s grasp

My journey thus continued in dismal spirits,
With halts for passengers every five minutes,
Till finally arrived the place where I belong,
And I landed in accolades of cars honking their song.

Wednesday, February 4

Before its all over

I’m broken inside,
Into pieces of nothing,
Losing my soul,
With nowhere to go

While angels still fly,
And demons crawl under,
I wish you came to me,
I wish you were here…

Save me from this evil,
This soreness, this pain,
I need you to accompany me,
On the tracks of subsistence

My days have run out,
My time has drawn closer,
Just be with me once,
Before its all over.

Tuesday, February 3

The evil charmer...

Never does she stop her blabber,
In sweet instances, makes you ponder,
Sometimes she’ll show
Her wildest side,
In two seconds flat, start a fight
Tame you like an evil fiend,
And call you sweetly, her best friend.

Sunday, February 1

A Friend or more...

Walks in gardens,
Rides down highways,
Front seats to movies,
Frappe at the café

A pillow fight,
Chatting all night,
Back bitch the world,
In our own delight

Smiles on our faces,
Memories of old embraces,
Love for one another
Fights with no basis

In my little world,
You’re placed at the core,
Confused what to call you,
A friend or more??

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