Thursday, December 11

Feel my existence...

It pains when people cross by,
When they seem to look at just everyone but me,
When their eyes never meet mine during talks,
I know I'm having a real bad time.

My identity seems lost in thin air,
Nobody seems to listen to me, crib.
My voice resounds, still unheard,
Wish I never existed on this Earth.
I want you to make me feel I'm a part,
Of this world that's so beautiful to live in,
I want you to keep in touch,
Wish I could just tell you how I'm feeling.

Feeling I'm losing to
That person who's just entered,
He's stealing my place,
And I can't do anything,
Feeling I've lost to my own self,
I wish I had the wisdom,
If I could just do something.
He uses you blindly, wish you could see,
You follow his word like he's the king,
Wish I could stop you in time from dancing,
To the melodies of bondage that he does sing.
I wish my jokes, rather silly but natural,
Could bring a smile to your face,
I pray to thee to stop your ignorance,
I wish you could feel my existence.


lekha said...

just wowwww!!!!!!!! i'm so touched by this!!!!

dipti..! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rupali said...

Feels.. dat u have written.. sumthn which i cud not describe in words...
very gud..!!

ankita said...

wooowwwwwwwwwwwwww. touchng yaar. speachlss

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