Tuesday, August 25

Love, just one last time...

I’ve walked this road before,
Yet I’m eccentric to this way,
I’ve held a hand earlier too,
But this touch of yours, I can die for it any day

I’ve said these words, these bookish ones,
But this time I want to feel each breath,
I’ve promised those long stories, earlier too,
But this time, its not one, I want to obliterate.

You might not like it,
You may not believe,
Yet what I say is the truth,
Each word of it, trust me
Cuz when I say, I want you forever,
I mean for once, don’t leave me ever.


abha said...

hi adit,

ur poems are good and very creative. how do you get time to write poems after being busy all day in office.

Anyway great yaar.


Mohit said...

ady boy!!!
lovely poem...simple yet very deep...
keep it up brother...

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