Saturday, August 15


I want to walk fast
And talk with urgency
Drive with no fear
I don’t care if people stare

Life is just once
And it sure is too short
I want to try all moves
Before they ask me to abort

I don’t want to sleep a lot
Nor eat till I starve
It’s not a great idea
If it can’t build me a niche, a slot

Don’t call me one of the crowds
I don’t follow anyone’s command
I might take your suggestion
But still I do only what I want

Life might be a lesson
But I’ve learnt alot from yours
I don’t make the same mistakes
I don’t fall right on my face

I can carry my entire burden
I can forge myself all keys
I don’t need no one’s support
If it’s easy, it’s not for me

I don’t panic on treason
I don’t follow a plan or reason
I can beat your calculation
I can betray every prediction

It’s not super human ability
It’s an act, each move so flawless
It’s the hard work and persistence
That makes me feel so breathless


Ritayan said...

strong concept and a breathless pace but just a suggestion dude...dont gv the rhyme scheme too much of importance....keep writing

Tanya said...

Loved the poem!!! Great blog you have Ady!

Apeksha said...

oh my god...SOO SCORPIO!! :D Kudos

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