Sunday, February 1

A Friend or more...

Walks in gardens,
Rides down highways,
Front seats to movies,
Frappe at the café

A pillow fight,
Chatting all night,
Back bitch the world,
In our own delight

Smiles on our faces,
Memories of old embraces,
Love for one another
Fights with no basis

In my little world,
You’re placed at the core,
Confused what to call you,
A friend or more??


Prachi said...

more :)

very sweet

Ady said...

hehe... yea, more !!

dipti..! said...

i loveddddddddddddd this oneeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritayan said...

sometimes the simple things in life r the most beautiful...this simply flowing poem has tat beauty hidden in it

Rupali said...

n true...

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