Sunday, August 30


He lit a cigarette again,
That’s burnt his soul before,
Yet he won’t stop, he won’t seek a cure
For what he burns, he wanted to save,
But then he cannot take it to his grave

So burns on the cigarette,
And burns the spirit,
The body bearing the brunt of the mind,
For a strong will would call it a mistake,
An error he should have long undone.

So burns on the cigarette,
To please his soul,
Burning ignorantly, expecting a cure
For science has advanced, and he’s playing his stakes,
For someday he might have it all undone

So burns on the cigarette,
His fellows burn too,
So what if we are buried, at least we’d be in unison,
For alone if I die, I’d stay a wandering soul,
Breathing my last breath, choking to smoke

So burns on the cigarette,
Under every excuse,
Though each one knows well, there will be no cure,
When so much burns why should I be saved?
If I have to burn, why wait for the grave?


Mohit said...

smoking hot poem brother...awesome stuff..

Che Guevara on the Road... said...

Awesome Poem...I am sure it would inspire others to quit...way to go bhai...keep penning...

swati said...

Eye-opener..Good one!!

Sarthak Prakash said...

now this, is absolutely brilliant,
for more than one reason, i find this is one if your better works yet,

i've written verse on smoke myself, adit, and i can appreciate the work that must be put into such an effort,

my favourite bit was the conclusion,
"If I have to burn, why wait for the grave?" - now that's poetry,

do keep writing,
for the better and the verse,

ragini said...

gud job... hope d smokers take a note of this :)

Ritayan said...

don't know whether you read the last cigarette for they share the same image and dude somehow you gave me an eerie feeling you were talking of me...and your reply to that poem of mine...(please dont mind am nt presumptuous enough to suggest i was your inspiration)...........but you are way too close to the mark..thank you for the rare treat

bani said...

hey... loved this verse...
and i just comment..
~Burn... but not be consumed! *wink* :)

bani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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