Saturday, July 31

Teach me not to fear

A million thoughts cross my mind,
Some, of which I ain't even aware,
Yet the one I dread the most,
Faces me, into my eyes, stares.

While the wind seems to have no effect,
On the tears that fall, under the moonlit shimmer,
The thought becomes surreal as I dream,
The wind echoes to me that you're not here.

So i try hard, to unlearn this thought,
That very same I've always feared,
And i force myself some sleep, trying hard,
Yet it shows in my eyes, like a vision so real.

And as I lay on my bed,
I wish if only you could, right now, appear,
And bring out from inside of you the love you have for me,
Reassure me with a kiss, teach me not to fear...

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